Tara Russell


Bangkok, Thailand

In 1999, I was sent to Shanghai, China to work with General Motors. Unfortunately, at the time, I knew that Beijing was a city in China, communists wear red, and "The Last Emporor" was supposedly filmed in China (in otherwords, nothing about the place). Immediately, I fell in love with this strangely enchanting place....(I'll forward fast now)....Currently, I live in Bangkok with my husband (yes, we're expats too). I've become an Asia junkie--just can't get enough of this place. We'll be here a few (2-5?) years and I'm now actually doing volunteer work and working on several writing projects. I love to eat street food, meet the locals, find the hidden treasures, and especially, celebrate holidays with locals. I also love to learn new languages, so I'm currently studying Thai. Most of my time has been spent in Asian mega-cities, which often leads me to holidays at the beach. Initially, work brought me here, but a passion for Asia has kept me here.