Fallen in Love with Delhi

by Derek G, Mar 21, 2012 | Destinations: India

This was our first time in India.    With Dhruv,leading the way, we had so much fun walking the streets of the Old Delhi Bazaar, meeting shopkeepers, sampling delicious street food and so much more. We even had a henna tattoo done. But best of all was our visit with Dhruv and his family in his own beautiful Masterji Kee  Haveli. We were also given a tour of their haveli,  and finished off the evening with kite flying, fireworks on his rooftop, story telling and an authentic most delicious home cooked Indian feast. 

We experienced real life & culture in old Delhi and it was a day I'll never forget.

"Old Delhi Bazaar Walk with Masterji Kee Haveli Visit" tour went far beyond our expectations, it was fantastic from start to finish.