Food Spot: Restaurant Yat Yeh Hing

by Audrey Lim, Oct 29, 2007 | Destinations: Malaysia / Selangor
Chicken rice...

Chicken rice...

Chicken rice...

“Yellow chicken”, that’s what everyone calls the infamous chicken rice stall at Restaurant Yat Yeh Hing. Sporting a rather unusual yellowish tinge on the chicken’s skin, this restaurant has remained popular throughout the years. Located along the LDP, approximately 1 km after the Kelana Jaya LRT Station, this restaurant is good for chicken rice during the day and steamboat or ala carte Chinese meals during the nights.

For the chicken rice stall, business starts from 10:30 am onwards until about 3 pm. The steamed chicken is the main star while its delicious soup is second to none. In fact, the free and refillable soup is so popular that customers must self-serve. If you are not too keen on steamed chicken, there is also roast chicken to choose from. Of course, you may also order other parts of the chicken such as the liver, intestines, etc. The chicken served here is generous in portion and succulent to the bite. Other side dishes include tofu garnished with fried garlic and bean sprouts with soya sauce.

Besides the chicken rice, this restaurant also have several stalls selling a variety of dishes such as curry noodles, mixed rice/porridge, pork noodles, prawn noodles, and more. Although the chicken rice stall closes at 3 pm, the restaurant remained in business for dinner until 1 am.

As for the price, it is relatively cheap and you will feel gastronomically satisfied.

Restaurant details:

33, SS4D/2,
Taman Rasa Sayang,
47301 Petaling Jaya

Business Hours: 10:30 am - 1 am (Closed once a month on Tues or Wed)

Cuisine: Chinese

Price Factor: Cheap-Moderate

Cleanliness Factor: 2/5

Service: 3/5