Happy Buddha

by James Murtaugh, May 22, 2002 | Destinations: Vietnam / Hanoi


My time in Vietnam is coming to a close. While shopping, I look for something nice for my wife. I find a jade "Happy" Buddha charm she might like. After the haggle I bought it for her.

When I returned home and gave her the charm she told me that I should wear it. And so I wear it on a gold chain around my neck.

My wife was very smart. Each time I feel it or see it my heart is filled with joy as I remember all the smiles and waves. I remember all the nice people who let me look inside their lives. Just so many good things that can't be put into words.

This little charm has become the most important material thing that I own. I will wear it until my last day on earth. When I am gone it will be with me. Just a little piece of my beloved Vietnam.

Jim Murtaugh