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by ThingsAsian, Oct 26, 2004 | Destinations: Mongolia / Gobi / Ulaanbaatar


Mongolia Today. An online magazine full of basic Mongolian-related reading and other useful data about missions and travel routes. Read features stories and peruse the archives.

Virtual Mongol. A virtual museum full of everything Mongolian; hear music on the site; see images; and read historical data in both English and Japanese. There are also links to other Mongolian sites, including one on Mongolian wrestling.

Voice of Mongolia. The Voice of Mongolia is a broadcasting service operated by Mongolian Radio & Television, a public service broadcaster of the Mongolian Government. On the site, you will find a list of frequencies and links to other broadcasting information. Internet broadcasts are coming soon to the site.

Visit Mongolia. Professionally done site offering complete destination and tourism info for the country. According to them, Mongolia offers vast expanses of the steppes and absolute magnitude, beauty, and wonder. Find out how you can go on a horseback tour, be a part of upcoming festivals, and find a list of travel agents.

Wild Horses of Mongolia. This is a documentary about the wild horses in Mongolia, which stars Julia Roberts. Roberts spent several weeks with a nomadic family, living exactly as the family does. This documentary chronicles her experiences as well as gives a glimpse of the wild horses and their interactions with this family.

Mongolia Sunrise to Sunset. A 100km run for avid runners looking to compete in a race while experiencing the landscape of Mongolia. On the site, you'll find out how to get involved as well as read about past races, winners, and experiences of previous runners.

Travel Mongolia. Travel information, links, and images about Mongolia and Mongolian culture.

Travel to Mongolia. Travel service offering tours for those travelers that want more than a vacation. This service caters to the "intrepid, informed traveler."

Mongolia Under Threat. This organization was put in place in 1999 in order to re-ignite Buddhist culture in Mongolia, particularly for the country's youth. This organization also provides food and educational resources to the poor and under-privileged.

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The following are suggested by our readers:

DestiLAND Travel. Mongolia travel information, adventure and nature tours. Private, family and group tours around Mongolia.  Horseback riding, Gobi Desert, hiking, trekking, fishing, outdoor sport and much more.

Original Mongolian Gers. Want your very own Mongolian ger? Here's where to buy one. Producer and Exporter of traditional Mongolian yurt or ger.

Gobi Expeditions. Customized tours for groups large and small. Check out the listing of cultural events.

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