Vietnam's Many Names

by Global Directions Inc., Jun 1, 1995 | Destinations: Vietnam / Hanoi

Culture Briefing: Vietnam is one of those jewels that you only run into by chance and then wonder how you have gotten so far without it. Geotravel Research Center of Kissimmee, Florida, publishes the 57 pages of information on Vietnam that are your key to understanding the people where you travel. It is an easy read as well as a great tool for travelers, journalists and business people alike. With the publisher's permission, we include the following excerpt from Culture Briefing:Vietnam.

Through the centuries Vietnam has been known by many names:

Van Lang - from about 500 B.C. to 257 B.C.

Au Lac - from 257 B.C. to 207 B.C.

Nam Viet - from 207 B.C. to 111 B.C.

Giao Chi - from 111 B.C. to A.D. 203

Giao Chau - from 203 to 544

Van Xuan - from 544 to 603

An Nam - meaning the "Pacified South," during China's occupation from 603 to 939

Dai Viet - during the Ngo Dynasty 939 to 967

Dai Co Viet - from 968 to 1054, during the Dinh, early Le and early Ly dynasties

Dai Viet - from 1054 to 1400 the Ngo Dynasty name returned during the later Ly and Tran dynasties

Dai Ngu - during the Ho Dynasty, 1400-1407

An Nam - again, under the Chinese from 1407 to 1428

Dai Viet - returned for a third time from 1428 to 1802 under the later Le, Mac and Tay Son dynasties

Viet Nam - made its first appearance in 1802

Dai Nam - starting in 1832

Cochin China, Annam and Tonkin - under the French, for the southern, central and northern regions respectively

Viet Nam - chosen again in 1945

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