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CIA World Factbook. Did you know that illegal logging is currently a problem in Cambodia? Strip mining along the borders of Cambodia has also contributed to declining native lands. The CIA World Factbook offers an in-depth report of the country as well as current struggles, future trends, and census information.

Lonely Planet. Lonely Planet offers travelers and web surfers a step beyond flight bookings and postcards, this site offers descriptive notes and places to visit where you could be the only tourist present. Here, you can find out about Cambodia, its neighbors, ancient temples, empty beaches, mighty rivers, and remote forests.

Cambodian Information Center. For Cambodians, historians, web surfers, and world travelers alike. Information includes a book list, Cambodian friends, list, organization directory, and photographs. For the more devoted fan of Cambodia, there are fonts to download and Khmer classes.

Cambodia in Modern History. Read a five-part article on the Banyan tree among other interesting articles detailing history and especially tales of the Khmer Rouge period. There are also stories about Cambodian refugees and immigrants abroad.

The Cambodia Daily. This newspaper is published six days a week in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. Featured articles include Hiding from Persecution and Rebuilding a Bygone Era as well as local and current news.

Tourism of Cambodia. Learn Khmer and customs and some of the lesser-known beauty of the region and how to get there, including a tour that offers a walk through the door of a traditional Khmer house in the center of an old warehouse building in Phnom Penh and is filled with Cambodian handicrafts.

Cambodia Cyber Culture. An organization with the sole purpose of uniting Cambodians everywhere. Participate in chats around the world, read members' stories, and contribute to message boards. This site is part of a web ring of sites looking to preserve Cambodian culture.

Tales of Asia. Tales of Asia offers just that: Tales of Asia. The site was started by one traveler who wanted to share his travelogues and was quickly joined by others who wanted a place for the same. There are many stories rich with detail and depth. The resource list is extensive.

Cambodia Development Resource Institute. The Cambodia Development Resource Institute was established in July 1990 as an independent Cambodian institute working to support government and civil society institutions in Cambodia. This organization offers publications, facts, and social research on Cambodia and its inhabitants.

Images of Cambodia. A collection of 125 photos showing Cambodia at its best and its worst.

The Kingdom of Cambodia . During the Fulbright Study Tour in the summer of 1999, many images and stories were captured by the students. This site details the trials and the triumphs of that group and is full of images, data, and personal stories.

Cambodia Photo Gallery. See a photo of a 1000-year-old temple and others; the collection is well over 100 images.

The Spirit of Cambodia. Dance, the Spirit of Cambodia, is a project of the Royal University of Fine Arts, Phonm Penh and is full of classical and folk dance and music from Cambodia. Here, you can see trip dates, photo galleries, and purchase items related to the tour.

Documentation Center of Cambodia. An organization with many plights including the Accountability project, Documentation project, Forensic studies, and others. Built by research and publication, this site holds many archived images and publications on Cambodia.

Cambodia Law. Immediate access to the whole laws and regulations of Cambodia, in full text.

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Andy Brouwer's Cambodia Tales. No doubt about it - Andy's is the best site on Cambodia.

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ABOUT Asia. Make you tourist dollar count. This organisation, founded in Siem Reap in 2005, returns their profits to the local guides, to build the enterprise further or educate local children.

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Andy Brouwer's Cambodia Tales