Culture Shock! by Claire Ellis

by Sarah Tilton, Jun 1, 1996 | Destinations: Vietnam / Ho Chi Minh City

Whether you're moving to Vietnam or just visiting, Claire Ellis's Culture Shock will give you answers to questions you didn't even know you had. Your company is transferring you to Hanoi and you want to take Fido along for the experience? See the section on pets. Wondering about the proper way to introduce people to your new Vietnamese business associates? Look up the part on greetings and introductions. To find out what to serve for the traditional Tet feast, just turn to page 220.

This is not the usual guidebook. There are no bus schedules or pictures of pagodas or hotel listings. The book is, however, full of valuable information that compliments most guidebooks and should be considered required reading for the business traveler. Author Claire Ellis covers all the basics'geography, language, history, religion'and then gets down to the important how-to's of moving, starting an office, hiring and firing, tipping and training. For those planning an extended stay, Ellis explains the various stages of culture shock, suggests methods of coping with the changes and adapting to your new surroundings, and brings the process full circle by preparing you for the reverse culture shock that comes with moving home again.

Ellis, who lived in Saigon from 1993-95 and has traveled widely in Asia, can save you time and embarrassment as you get up to speed on life in Vietnam.

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