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by ThingsAsian, Sep 3, 2004 | Destinations: Indonesia / Jakarta

CIA World Factbook. Current issues in Indonesia include: alleviating widespread poverty, preventing terrorism, effecting a transition to a popularly-elected government after four decades of authoritarianism, implementing reforms of the banking sector, addressing charges of cronyism and corruption, and others. This CIA run site is up-to-date, offering lots of census data, government info, and other useful data.

The Jakarta Post. English Indonesian news source.

Inside Indonesia. Quarterly magazine read by those in and out of the country, with riveting editorial. Feature articles include Islam and democracy cannot meet, Opponents of Islamic law, and Women and syariah in Aceh.

Traveling in Indonesia. Hundreds of images taken in and around the country. Image resources include Pertamina on the Move (by Pertamina); Indonesian Moments, A photographic essay of a timeless land (by Pertamina); Bali, The Mystical Island (by Garuda Indonesia); and a Travel Guide (by Pacific Discoveries, Pacific Travel News).

Lonely Planet. Indonesia has suffered great upheaval since 1998, resulting in everything from peaceful demonstrations to armed conflict. But some of these things have been blown out of proportion by the media. Lonely Planet gives you straight information such as this about traveling in the country. Other highlights include travel suggestions and links to other resources.

Living in Indonesia. Providing a wealth of practical information for expatriates planning to move to or already living in Indonesia. Practical information includes housing resources, employment resources, etc.; other information includes personal stories and ways to explore the country once you are there.

A Lovely World. Offering a clickable map full of locations within the country where you can learn about weather, culture, geography, and other relevant information. A wide range of countries are offered.

IndoCenter. A complete Indonesian search engine which will help you find out about everything from Arts & Culture to Sports, Politics, and Law. There is current stock information and dates of local events.

Indonesia Resources. Highlights include Instant Indonesia, Indonesia Acronyms, and maps. Many resources offered for those native of the land and those wanting to learn more about the region.

Indonesia Post. English version of the largest newspaper in Indonesia.

Adventure in Indonesia. Looking for adventure? Why not try the Berbak Wildlife Reserve, which has one of Indonesia's largest tiger populations. In the far north of the island is Lake Toba, which is full of opportunity for those who like life on the edge. Find many suggestions for finding adventure in Indonesia.

Explore Indonesia. The official site offered by Indonesia's board of tourism. There is a lot of information about travel; but more than that, you can read statistics, understand current conflicts, and consider transportation methods.

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