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by ThingsAsian, Sep 12, 2004 | Destinations: Iran / Tehran

Iranian Cultural & Information Center. The Iranian Cultural & Information Center is touted as the first Iranian web site on the Internet, which was started by Stanford University. This site offers visitors lots of information on the country including a list of links that offer travel, conferences, software, cuisine, yellow pages, and other useful info.

Iran Daily. Iranian daily newspaper in English.

Iran Online Forum. A meeting place for all things Iranian. Highlights include the Iranian Hall, Online newsroom, classified ads, and online shopping. You can also read the country's latest news and find out what the political leaders plan to do.

CIA Factbook. Known as Persia until 1935, Iran became an Islamic republic in 1979 after the ruling shah was forced into exile. This site offers historical facts such as this but also detailed information about the country's current economical and social crises as well as data about the population and the country's most popular cities.

NetIran. A compilation of news headlines for and about Iran. Other highlights include articles on culture, people, and business in the country.

Iranmania. A complete web guide for Iran offering tons of links for and about Iran.

Iran National Library. Complete access to this organization and its works. Also read information about the history and buildings. The National Library of Iran was officially inaugurated in 1937 and its history and plight is as long as it is winding. Learn more here.

Cinema Iran. A site for anyone that appreciates Iranian cinema or wants to acquire the taste. Read movie reviews, shop, and read about Iranian actors as well as new movie releases.

Lonely Planet. Did you know that you can swoop off cliffs strapped to a hang-glider in Iran?: Lonely Planet offers travel advice like this as well as what to watch out for and the best times to travel to the country.

Iran Photos. View hundreds of photos; select images by country province or city. Site also offers Iranian music and wallpaper.

Persepolis and Ancient Iran. What is it? The Persepolis lie at the foot of Kuh-i-Rahmat, or "Mountain of Mercy," in the plain of Marv Dasht about 400 miles south of the present capital city of Teheran. Here you will find extensive research, resources, photos, and more on Irianian culture, particularly mountains and temples.

Iran Caravan. The cultural richness of Iran includes Eastern art, literature, and Gnosticism. Learn about these cultural differences through a direct window to Iran. Here, there are photos, maps, and geographical data as well as information on natural scenery and monuments.

Iran: An Independent Travel Guide. This travel guide to Iran is intended to show foreign travelers and residents the real way of life in Iran. Highlights include reader letters, images, and FAQs. The site offers a great tour of the country for business or pleasure.

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