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by ThingsAsian, Oct 4, 2004 | Destinations: Israel / Jerusalem

CIA World Factbook. On 24 June 2002, President Bush laid out a "road map" for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This site is full of facts such as this, mixed with key data about the population, geography, and economics of the country. is a website about Israel, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The site includes many resources and categories full of links that include topics like food & drink, recreation, and social & personal. One of the featured sites is

Birthright Israel. This organization was created to send young Jewish adults from all over the world to Israel. This non-profit's site is full of resources for learners young and old. Find out more about the group and the actual trip that students go on.

Israel National News. Complete Israeli news site, in English.

Israel Visit. This site is full of travel information for and about Israel. Other features include online shops full of Israeli products like Judaica, art, jewelry, and books. You can also read political and social cultural articles about Israel.

Israeli Government Website. Official government site filled with information about the country, its economics, plight for peace, as well as its terrorism and religious news headlines. Resources include official publications and addresses and telephone numbers of Israeli embassies and consulates abroad.

Israel Radio. This site is an independently produced and privately supported radio networks in Israel. This network is referred to as The Voice of Israel. Hear real audio and read a history of radio in the country.

Israeli Science and Technology. Israel Science and Technology Homepage is a national database and directory of science and technology related sites in Israel. Subjects include Exact Sciences, Life Sciences, and Humanities. There is also an expansive list of organizations as well as faculty positions that are available in the country.

Israeli Internet Guide. Complete Israeli reference site full of links, online journals, as well as technical guides and a list of classifieds.

Israeli Orchestra. Full information on the Israeli orchestra; you can even order products on the site and read the history of the group as well as find out concert dates.

Shop in Israel. This site serves as a link between stores in Israel and the Diaspora. Here, you can purchase fine foods and other Israeli products. You can also find a list of merchants and food fairs in Israel.

Lonely Planet. Everyone has their own perception of what Israel is about. Lonely Planet offers a complete view of the country that details its bad points as well as its good ones. The site offers travel cautions, sites off the beaten path, and geographical data for the would-be traveler.

Israel Meteorological Society. The Israel Meteorological Service observes and understands the weather and climate of Israel and provides meteorological information to the world. This site offers a lot of interesting information on the subject as well as key data for the weather watcher. You can also read about current projects.

Myths & Facts Online: A Guide to the Arab-Israeli Conflict. In 1957, Si Kenen started a newsletter - Near East Report - to inform the public about events relating to the Middle East. This newsletter eventually grew to book length and is now called Myths and Facts, which can be found here. This site also offers other publications.

The Other Israel. The Israeli Council for Israeli-Palestinian Peace established this English newsletter, The Other Israel. This site is full of commentary and articles on Israel and the country's journey toward peace. Also read reader's comments and bulletin boards.

Israeli Bible Museum. Presently, the museum has over 300 visual scenes of the Bible. This project has become a major tourist spot as well as a learning center for locals. See many of the images and exhibits online and also learn some the history behind each exhibit.

Israel Daily. Read Israeli headlines as well as related news from countries like Africa and Europe. There is also a comprehensive list of links.

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