Muhafiz Khana Building

by Rabia Akram, Feb 2, 2008 | Destinations: Pakistan
Banyan Tree

Banyan Tree

Banyan Tree
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Interior Look

Today I will share with you the images of an old British-era building in Peshawar.I have taken this images from the following websites, explore it by yourself.And while searching for some images of banyan trees, i came to know about it.

An old British-era building (built 1854) in Peshawar, Pakistan (formerly British India before 1947) is in danger of getting demolished. The "Muhafiz Khana" or the Record Room, houses all the paper records dating back from 1850s onwards of land revenue and criminal court cases/ files among others etc. This record may be invaluable for family history research particularly about the North West Frontier.