Sapa Smiles

by Simone Samuels, May 7, 2007 | Destinations: Vietnam / Sapa
Smiling Ji, H'mong Girl

Smiling Ji, H'mong Girl

Smiling Ji, H'mong Girl
Smiling H'mong Mamma
Toothy Grinned H'mong Woman
Grinning H'mong Girl

Sapa, in Vietnam's North, is home to several hill tribes people who still sell their traditional handicrafts and wear their traditional outfits in town. They are smiling, happy people, despite a difficult life of poverty and simplicity. 

It is amazing how amicable and peaceful these people are, and to see how well the differing hill tribes- with their different cultures and traditions and wares- all inter-meld and interact with each other. 

The hawkers are really a delight, despite their desperate insistence at times, and make Sapa a special place to visit, if nothing else for their smiles!