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by ThingsAsian, Dec 8, 2004 | Destinations: China / Tibet

Tibet Online. Tibet Online is an active online community that is dedicated to ending the suffering of the Tibetan people by returning the right of self-determination to the population. Join activists and other members in the plight, read the member directory, and current headlines about goings-on within the country, including kidnappings.

The Government of Tibet in Exile. Government-facilitated site from London that offers a News Room, Status of Tibet, including current human rights issues, details of Tibetan government, current environmental issues, travel and culture info, and more. Highlights include "Recounting His Holiness' Visit to South Africa" and "Sino-Tibetan Negotiations."

Tibet Information Network. Complete news source for Tibet specializing in reports on the political, social, economic, environmental, and human rights situation in Tibet today. Reports include Patriotic Education, Women, Prisoners and Protest, Religion, and others.

Free Tibet Campaign. Free Tibet Campaign is an organization that hopes to put an end to the Chinese occupation of Tibet as well as to restore Tibetans' human rights. On the site, you can find local contact information, request information about the group, and find out how you can help.

Tibet Tour Expert. Commercial tour service offering large and small tours, which include basic travel destinations and extraordinary ones as well.

Voice of Tibet. The Tibetan people have been denied freedom of speech for decades. This non-profit organization is looking to restore the identity of Tibet by eradicating the national identity of the Tibetans. "Freedom of information is... the touchstone of all the freedoms." This site offers an unbiased forum for Tibetan information and news.

The Art of Tibet. An online gallery with over 17,000 images of art from the Himalayas. Site also includes a glossary, kids section, and an index.

International Campaign of Tibet. The International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) is based in Washington, DC and works to promote human rights and self-determination for Tibetans in order to protect their culture and environment. On the site, you can read about current programs, donate, and find a calendar of events, and even shop at an online store.

WorldBridges Tibet. All things Tibet here, which include the personal side of the country, bulletin boards, images, embassy information, chat rooms, and a screening room with video reviews. You can even learn basic Tibetan words.

Dreams of Tibet. PBS special on Tibetan Buddhism, the country, and its struggles.

Tibet Justice Center. Tibet Justice Center is a non-profit organization which advocates self-determination for the Tibetan people through legal action and education of Tibetan people. The group is supported by attorneys and key country officials. On the site, you can read press releases, a calendar of events, Tibetan news, and more.

Tibet Environmental Watch. The Tibet Environmental Watch hopes to bring awareness to the struggles of Tibet through their publication TIBET: Enduring Spirit, Exploited Land, which describes the relationship of Tibetan nomads and farmers with the environment. Links include development, geography, wildlife, publications, and other related information.

Tibet Map Institute. Site is full of maps of the country and also includes satellite photos, images uploaded by visitors, and other maps and images of villages and cities within the country.

World Artists for Tibet. "While many people know that Tibet is under Chinese colonial rule, few are aware of the extensive human rights violations which are being perpetrated against the Tibetan people." This personally-run site aims to promote religious expression and the language and study of Tibetan culture. Other human rights, such as fertility and freedom speech, are expressed through this artwork as well. See artwork, register, and find a calendar of events.

Mystical Arts of Tibet. The Mystical Arts of Tibet is sponsored by the Drepung Loseling Institute, which is committed to helping preserve the endangered Tibetan culture, in particular the monkhood. This group leads a sponsorship program for the adoption of monks in training at Drepung Loseling Monastery. View many exhibits online and find out about other unique arts such as dancing, which also aim to promte Tibetan culture. You can also read more about the sponsorship program.

Tibet by Tandem. In the summer of 1997, Martine Vos and Frans Cornelissen traveled by tandem bike from Kunming, Yunnan, China to Kathmandu, to Nepal via Tibet. This site details their bike trip complete with images. You can also read about the journey in an article that appeared in Tandem Magazine.

Tibet: A Virtual Field Trip. In 1996, a small group of geologists went to Tibet. This virtual field trip gives visitors the highlights of that trip, which is given in the form of images and commentary. Visitors can order slides and images taken on the trip. "Although the trip concentrated upon the Geology of the Tibetan Plateau and mountains along its eastern margins, this virtual trip includes some information on the Geology of the Himalayan Mountains, to provide a more complete picture of the of the tectonics of this region."

Tibet Travel Guide. Site offering overview of the country, geography, climate, the people, and culture, for those looking to visit or learn more about the country. Information is broken up into easily navigated categories.

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