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by ThingsAsian, Aug 24, 2004 | Destinations: China / Beijing

China Today. This is a comprehensive database on all things China. Categories include diplomatic missions, history and dynasties, law and justice, media and publication, and others. Much of the information goes back at least ten years.

China Online. China Online is an independent news source for China. Highlights include a daily news roundup, commentary, as well as technology information that includes up-to-date info on aviation and aerospace among other trends.

CIA World Factbook. Many of us have long known that China leads the world in both arts and sciences. But it wasn't always this way. The CIA World Factbook offers undiscovered historical information and well as the strict controls in China and the cost of the country's ever-increasing population.

China the Beautiful. Classical Chinese Art, Calligraphy, Poetry, History, Literature, Painting and Philosophy of all kinds is here. Image categories include bridges, battle of the red cliff, opera, and others.

Art of China. A huge collection of art-related images including painted pottery and gilt bronze lamps. Other categories include Chinese music and the zodiac.

The Complete Reference to China. Over 8,500 links to China and China-related web sites.

Lonely Planet. Lonely Planet describes China not as a country, but as another world. There are highlights that include facts for the traveler and sites off the beaten path. But the real beauty of the site lies in the details of the people and places in China.

Searching for China. China is not just a place for foreign travelers, it's a country with a history as large as its population. If you've ever wondered about China's great economic and social upheavals, you will learn more here. Other topics include the situations in Tibet and the Tiananmen Square massacre.

Flora of China. What is flora and what are the treatments? Here, you will find answers to these questions as well as see a huge collection of images and illustrations. Also a list of editorial centers for further info that includes many prominent universities.

China Institute. A nonprofit educational and cultural institution that promotes the understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of traditional and contemporary Chinese civilization, culture, and heritage. This organization provides classes and exhibits to educate Americans on all that is China. The site gives full program information and an impressive gallery.

Chinese Culture. China on site is full of images, recipes, comic strips, statues, and even more obscure examples of Chinese art. Highlights include Romance of the Three Kings and Tang Yin.

Virtual China. A huge image gallery broken up into categories that include Beijing and Shanghai as well as the West, Northeast, South, and Southwest areas of China.

Index China. For and about all things China. Peruse daily news, arts, economic, business, culture, recipe, history, medicine, politics, religions, travel, agriculture articles, and see maps and images of China's best.

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