Khao Nam Khang -- Communist Hideout in South Thailand

by Heng Wah, Feb 7, 2004 | Destinations: Thailand / Songkhla province

Communists fighting in Malaya dug 30 meters deep tunnels as shelter and a hideaway from government forces.

Many people are aware of the network of tunnels in Vietnam used by the Viet Cong fighters during the Vietnam War. However, few know of a similar tunnel in South Thailand, used by Malayan Communist fighters during World War II.

Hidden in the jungle in Khao Nam Khang national park in Na Thawi for decades, the tunnel was opened for tourism in the late 1990s. The former communists who live here now work as tour guides, narrating their experiences to interested tourists. The Khao Nam Khang tunnels are accessible through Nathawi in Songkla.

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