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by ThingsAsian, Oct 26, 2004 | Destinations: Philippines / Manila

Wow Philippines. This site is run by the Department of Tourism (DOT) with the intention of encouraging and promoting tourism in the Philippines. On the site, you will find a list of key contacts, a calendar of events, travel packages, and a list of accredited institutions.

The Philippines. Information about natural landscapes, the climate, animals, and tropical fruit & vegetables in the Philippines. You can also read about volcanoes, including the Pinatubo and Mount Mayon, as well as information about housing and business markets. A huge list of themes is offered here that includes categories like geo-energy, flags & anthems, island hopping, forests, and others.

Philistar: The Filipino Global Community. This site aims to keep Filipinos in tune with the events taking place in the Philippines, what's going on within the country as well as its relations with the rest of the world. More than that, this site is a mega-portal for the Filipino Global Community, offering everything from headline news, to business contact info, to lifestyle features as well as a personals section. A site full of indexes for the native and newcomer alike. The site offers the best places for Philippine travel, products, and information through categories that visas, cell phones, adventure travel, insurance, and others.

The Manila Times. English version of this major Philippine newspaper.

History of the Philippines. A complete historical tour, with images and text, that begins with these eras: Pre-history?the first inhabitants, the Agricultural Revolution, the Austronesian Expansion, and the Buddhist Kingdoms. Read other lessons and email the author for further studies.

Philippines Information. Peruse a map, view many images, and find out about country holidays. More than that, visitors can find a list of local establishments, find out airport fees, find a list of the top destinations within the country, and read legal information about traveling here and there.

Philippines Post. English version of this major Philippine newspaper.

Philippines Country Analysis. In recent years, the Philippines has undergone an economic transformation. This site offers complete economical analysis through categories that include: oil, natural gas, coal, and others.

Child Protection in the Philippines. This organization focuses on work in the United States, Russia, and the Philippines to provide aid in the areas of child health, child abuse, and homelessness. Find out how you can help and what the organization has done so far.

Philippines Today. Philippines Today is a monthly publication distributed free in major cities of Japan. On the site, you can read the current issue as well as the archives.

Development Academy of the Philippines. This group is an intergovernmental agency dedicated to the promotion of productivity improvement within the country. There are many classes and seminars available on the site as well as a list of resources to empower the business person and student alike.

Complete Philippines Information. Complete site offering complete Philippines information; topics include language, religion, money, particular regions of the country, and other topics. According to the site, "the greater part of the country is still virginal and unexploited. This is naturally reflected in the warmth and friendliness of the local people."

Folktales from the Philippines. A list of full and partial texts of Filipino folktales.

Philippines Scuba Diving. The Philippines has more than 7,000 islands, which is about 40,000 square kilometers of water, all of which is full of marine life for the scuba diver. This site offers complete scuba diving info for the beginner and expert both.

Sail Philippines. This site links and provides directories of sailing websites, yacht clubs, sailing fleets, organizations, sailing venues, boat classes, sail training programs, regatta schedules, and anything sailing related in the Philippines.

Philippines Travel Forum. This travel forum is full of bulletin boards discussing travel issues in all areas of the country including: Bacolod, Baguio, Bohol, Boracay, Cebu, Davao, Guimaras, Manila, Mt. Data, Palawan, Puerto Galera, Subic, and Tacloban. You can read messages and respond to message. You can also find a list of hotels here and other accommodations.

Philippines by Rochelle. This site is run by a Filipino woman who frequently travels back to the Philippines. On the site, she shares well-researched information on heroes, presidents, and also fun stuff like the all famous You Know You're Filipino If.... She also offers an extensive list of links to other related sites.

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