Food Spot: Restaurant O&S

by Audrey Lim, Oct 28, 2007 | Destinations: Malaysia / Selangor
Penang-style chee cheong fun

Penang-style chee cheong fun

Penang-style chee cheong fun

During lunch, Restaurant O & S is made up of many stalls selling a variety of foods from rice to noodles. The prawn noodle deserves special mention. Also known as Mee Yoke to some, the soup is special because it is boiled with all the peeled prawn shells. After simmering the stock for a long time, chili powder, oil and other ingredients are added into it. The secret is in the soup, which does wonders to the taste buds. You can also have the option of ordering spare ribs with your noodles, which is a unique addition. Each bowl of noodle is garnished with slices of meat and some fried prawns along with some golden brown shallots.

For dinner, the stalls are closed and only the anchor tenant remains. You may order several Chinese meat or vegetable dishes to be eaten with rice. For supper, the restaurant is famous for its Hokkien noodle and Cantonese fried noodle. There is also a satay stall that is worth a try.

After that first visit to Restaurant O & S for the prawn mee/mee yoke stall, my colleagues and I have had many more yummy experiences at the same location. Bunched together in one tight spot, this kopitiam (coffee shop) has more than 15 stalls, each with its own specialty, and each with equally delicious dishes. We went wild the day we set foot at the place. There were so many things we wanted to try, but only so much room in the stomach.

Another stall worth mentioning is the Penang Chee Cheong Fun stall. Unlike the usual Chee Cheong Fun that the people of Kuala Lumpur are familiar with, this one takes after the style made popular by the Penangites. Instead of the sweet sauce type as found in the KL-style Chee Cheong Fun, the black sauce (as you can see from the picture) is actually prawn paste (har ko). To top it off, the proprietor sprinkles a generous amount of fried shallots and sesame seeds and the end results? A truly delicious dish. A spoonful of chili on the side is to add zing to the taste of the dish. Besides the regular Chee Cheong Fun with prawn paste, you can also opt for the Curry Chee Cheong Fun, which is equally tasty. As the name suggest, this one is topped with curry sauce. Pricing is reasonable. The small portion is about RM1.30 whilst the big one is about RM1.80. I cannot remember the exact price – I tried too many different dishes at one go so you will have to forgive me. But if you crave for something different, then do check out this stall. It is worth a trip there.

Restaurant details:

Paramount Garden,
46300 Petaling Jaya
(next to Caltex petrol station along the main road)

Cuisine: Variety

Price Factor: Cheap

Cleanliness Factor: 2/5

Service: 2/5