Food Spot: Wah Cheong Coffee Shop

by Audrey Lim, Oct 28, 2007 | Destinations: Malaysia / Selangor
Chicken and barbecued pork

Chicken and barbecued pork

Chicken and barbecued pork
The chicken rice stall
Have it with bean sprouts or braised eggs

What is so special about a chicken rice stall, we wondered, when we first heard of this place. It looked just like any other. Hoping not to be disappointed, we ordered barbecued pork with roast chicken and braised eggs. The bean sprouts are on the house or while stocks last! Its specialty is the honey roasted chicken, although there are also roast pork ribs and steamed chicken.

One bite into the chicken and we are in gourmet heaven! The chicken is absolutely sweet to the taste buds. It was marinated to perfection. With the extra thick sauce over it, the overall combo will have you asking for more. The best part of the chicken is, we feel, the skin. It tasted almost like a Peking Duck's roasted skin. The aroma and taste is almost indescribable. The barbecued pork is another winner and so is the braised egg. Put all that on your plate of rice that is glazed with thick honey sauce, and I guarantee you will be coming back for more! So check out this place if you are around Section 17. The restaurant faces the entrance of the former Sentosa Cinema/carpark.

Restaurant details:
1080, Jalan 17/42,
46400 Petaling Jaya  

Business Hours: 10:30am - 3 pm daily (Closed every Thursday fortnightly)

Cuisine: Variety

Price Factor: Cheap

Cleanliness Factor: 2/5

Service: 4/5