Sarangani Bay, Fun, Sun, Sea, Sand and More.

by Ronald de Jong, Dec 6, 2008 | Destinations: Philippines / Mindanao
Mindanao, Sarangani Bay, tropicana beach resort, family fun

Mindanao, Sarangani Bay, tropicana beach resort, family fun

Mindanao, Sarangani Bay, tropicana beach resort, family fun
Mindanao, Sarangani Bay, tropicana beach resort, young girl playing
Mindanao, Sarangani Bay, tropicana beach resort, Cottages
Mindanao, Sarangani Bay, Fishing family

Sarangani Bay, it has white bounty beaches, blue, open waters, many coconut palm trees and is only a small part of a tropical island paradise in a country often named the pearl of the Orient.


The coastal province of Sarangani is located in the southernmost tip of the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. The 230-kilometer, idyllic shoreline offers prime white beaches that face the tranquil waters of the Celebes Sea. The Sarangani Bay area is a popular scuba-diving and snorkelling destination providing diving-sites with shipwrecks that go way back to the Spanish colonization.


Numerous local tourists come to Sarangani Bay because the beautiful and fine white-sand beaches are amongst the finest in the Philippines, clean and appealing with splendid beach resorts, undeveloped coves, rock formations and mythical caves. These beaches are unspoiled, unpolluted, uncrowded and one of the few undiscovered places that have escaped the clutches of mass tourism. It is a great place to swim, play games and sports.  Here one can spend time with family and friends and enjoy this paradise under the tropical sun with a warm breeze that will surely help you to relax. Just sit down and unwind, breath in the fresh sea air and watch the waves as they come rolling in toward the beach.


The waters of Sarangani Bay have rich fishing grounds. A large number of community fisher folk live at the shore of the bay, these coastal communities are depending heavily on the bay and sea fishing has historically been the primary livelihood for generations. At present it is still the main source of income. The majority of these local fishermen use the characteristic, wooden, outrigger canoes and practice traditional cast net fishing, a conventional method used to catch small fish schools. A "banca" is the traditional Philippine boat, sleek and long, with two bamboo outriggers and a small engine. Over centuries, the banca has developed into the primary mode of water transport and is used for fishing, hauling people and small-scale cargo. These pump boats are generally owned and operated by self-supporting families.


n the months of June and July, large squid come in by the hundreds to lay eggs on the stag horn corals which are home to a wide variety of fish and other sea creatures. The warm, clear waters and tropical setting in the bay is a haven for an impressive array of marine life, including whales, sea turtles, colourful reef fish and dugongs. Dolphins and large congregations of shrimpfish are a common sight in the azure blue waters of Sarangani Bay. Manta rays, eagle rays, barracuda, marlin and tuna are also abundant.


There are several resorts in the area that render affordable accommodations for anyone who wants to spend a simple vacation with family, relatives and friends. The Tropicana, the London Beach Resort, T'boli, Rajah and the Maharlika Resort are the perfect seaside sanctuaries, a great place for romantic getaways and the ultimate hideaway for beach lovers.


If you're looking for a holiday with lots of fun, sun, sea, sand and more, Sarangani Bay is a perfect destination that offers something for everyone, an aquatic playground that has preserved its natural character, typical charm and authentic beauty.


Though Sarangani Bay may not be as luxurious as the usual tourist spots in the Philippines, low prices, friendly people and warm local hospitality will make your stay a memorable and pleasurable experience.