Some old and lonely trees in a lonely place

by mania my life, my way, Feb 1, 2008 | Destinations: Pakistan


Flowers in ruins
Neem Tree in a lonely place
Tree in a lifeless place

Old and lonely trees in a lonely place,waiting for me to  have a conversation with them.

Its vacated, its ruined but still I could see life in a lifeless place. This place attracts me so I decided to go there all alone with my camera. There was so  many tall and beautiful trees in that lonely place, I feel sorry for them.   I was in a mix situation there. feeling so comfortable and feeling so scared all the same. But the beauty and calmness of this place attracts me a lot. It appears to me that every tree was attracting me,  every tree was having a conversation with me. I took photos of dead trees, of colourful flowers and a mighty neem tree was also there to marvel me. Its a place near my house but I never went there before as no one lives here but for my love for trees,I dare to go there. I love this place and more importantly I love trees. My hometown is Multan, by the way.