Ubud Botanic Garden

by Sandra Lilyana, Mar 1, 2008 | Destinations: Indonesia
a bug i found in the botanic garden

a bug i found in the botanic garden

a bug i found in the botanic garden
though we arrived at around 8 in the morning, some dew still remained
part of the plants we found at the islamique garden
rafflesia arnoldi or the flower of corpse

Ubud is already the greener part of Bali compared to Kuta or Sanur or Nusa Dua (all of which are beaches) with its famous rice terraced fields but this Botanic Garden which we found in Ubud is even greener.

It covers a 5-hectare area and consists of 19 different parts, ranging from fern garden, bamboo grove, herbal garden, to Islamique garden. You can wander around and will feel a bit cut off from civilization among the trees and dense bushes, get lost in the maze, or practice your yoga in its mediation court.    There's even a rain forest observation post which unfortunately was closed due to the flood when I was there. Having explored the vast garden, you can end your journey with some organic food from the cafe. 

Ubud Botanic Garden is located about 2 kilometres from Ubud Main Street. It's open daily from 8 a.m to 6 p.m.