Diana Tan



Diana Tan, mother of three, enjoys freelance writing and her work has been published in local parenting magazines such as Young Parents and Kids Co/Family, and Christian magazines such as New Covenant (a U.S. based Catholic spirituality magazine) and Waypoint (a local Catholic magazine). Her hobbies include reading books on spirituality and learning more about her Catholic faith. She hopes to write books on spirituality and to share her Christian faith with others. Her current interests include pursuing all things related to prayer and art. She has taken drawing lessons in pastels, pencils, pen and brush. Her drawing subjects lean towards trees, landscape, clouds, skies and mountains. Diana also journeys with people in prayer and does lifecoaching as a sideline business on top of her full-time job. These latter two ministries stem out of Diana's interest in people and in helping them live life authentically and in touch with Self. Besides her personal websites she also designs web pages for several other organisations. Her main home in cyberspace: http://dianat.faithweb.com Her lifecoaching and spiritual coaching business: http://www.lifecoach.sg Her rosary making page: http://hobbycrafts.8m.com